Laser hair therapy is a non-surgical hair replacement option that can help promote hair growth and over time, regrow your own hair! Lasers have been used for years to treat other medical conditions and now they are being used to combat hair loss. You may have heard of laser hair therapy also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). In January 2007, a hand held laser hair therapy device was cleared by the FDA. Since then, this treatment solution has continued to grow in popularity and we are proud to say that laser hair therapy is now available at GJ Capelli!

How does laser hair therapy work?laser hair therapy for hair growth

Laser hair therapy uses laser diodes to deliver cool laser energy to your scalp. The laser energy penetrates your scalp’s tissues and is absorbed just below the surface. When this happens a process called biochemical therapy begins. It is believed that the laser energy stimulates cell metabolism and blood flow in the scalp which in turn creates a healthy environment for your hair follicles to thrive; ultimately allowing for hair growth.  Laser hair therapy is completely pain less. It is a cool laser so you don’t feel anything during your treatment. Everything is happening at a follicular level. There are no chemicals and no known side effects.

What are the benefits of laser hair therapy?

It is important to keep in mind that laser hair therapy is NOT a hair loss treatment. If your hair loss has progressed, laser hair therapy may not be a good option for you. However, the general benefits of laser hair therapy include:
• Increased blood flow to the scalp and stimulation of hair follicles
• Stopping the progression of hair loss
• Maintaining the current appearance of your hair
• Thicker, fuller hair
• Not having to take medications to cure hair loss
• Healthy, stronger hair

Should I try laser hair therapy?

Laser hair therapy is most effective with men and woman in the early stages of hair loss. If your hair loss has progressed significantly, laser hair therapy may not be the best hair loss solution for you. If that is the case, we have other options available that can help. To determine if laser hair therapy may promote hair growth for you, please contact us for a free consultation.