Welcome to GJ Capelli – The Hair Replacement Professionals in Bonita Springs and Fort Myers, Florida!

Making the decision to schedule a hair replacement consultation can be very difficult for most people experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.  For men and women alike, hair loss is a private problem they don’t want to talk about but want to fix!  The hair replacement professionals at GJ Capelli understand the emotional journey hair loss takes you on.  Because of that, we make every effort to make the process addressing your hair loss as comfortable as possible.

The Initial Hair Replacement Consultation

The first step in addressing hair loss is to schedule a complimentary, no obligation hair replacement consultation with us.  When you arrive at one of GJ Capelli’s two Florida locations, either our Bonita Springs studio or our Fort Myers location, you are welcomed by our professional staff and brought to our private hair replacement consultation room.  We understand that privacy is important to many of our clients and so we have made it a priority to provide an environment where someone experiencing hair loss feels safe and free to discuss their experience.

During your hair replacement consultation, you will talk directly with owner, Gabriela Jumar.  Gabriela will talk with you and learn more about your circumstances.  Our hair replacement consultations are not a sales pitch, they are a discussion between you and Gabriela to determine if GJ Capelli can help you.

As a part of your talk, she will walk through all of your concerns about hair replacement.  She will answer all the questions you have about hair replacement and help you understand how non-surgical hair replacement can discreetly fit into your lifestyle.  Also during your initial hair replacement consultation, Gabriela will share with you all the options that may be the right fit to address your hair loss needs.

Next Steps

After the initial hair replacement consultation, some clients are ready to commit to improving their appearance and dealing with their hair loss once and for all!  In that case, the team at GJ Capelli will begin the process of designing a hair replacement solution that is customized to your individual needs.  Your custom hair replacement solution should arrive in a few weeks time and at that point, GJ Capelli will have you looking and feeling your best in a few hours time!

Need a Test Drive?

If you are a little nervous about pursuing a hair replacement solution, we encourage you to take one for a test drive!  GJ Capelli offers a 4 week program that allows clients to try a hair replacement solution for a 4 week period.  During that time, you’ll see the team three times to answer questions and help you along the way.  99% of clients that take GJ Capelli hair replacement products for a “test drive” become loyal clients.  We believe in our products.  We know once you try them and see how much they can improve your appearance, your confidence and how you feel when you look in the mirror, you’ll be ready to join us!

What You Won’t Get From GJ Capelli

When you come to GJ Capelli for a hair replacement consultation, you won’t get a hard sales pitch.  You won’t get false promises and you won’t get outdated hair replacement solutions.  We pride ourselves on being an easy going, yet cutting edge hair replacement studio that always has our clients best interest in mind!  So, schedule your complimentary hair replacement consultation today and learn more about how the hair replacement professionals at GJ Capelli can help you overcome hair loss once and for all!