Women's Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular choice for clients that want longer or fuller hair…or both!  Hair extensions are not just for client’s experiencing hair loss.  We have many clients that come to us to enhance their hair even though it already looks great!  With hair extensions, we can add length and volume to a client’s existing style within a few hours’ time.  Our hair extensions are made with 100% human hair and are customized according to the client’s preferences and desired results.

hair extensions before

Before Hair Extensions


After Hair Extensions

What to Expect When Getting Hair Extensions

Much like some of our other hair restoration procedures, each hair extension application must start with a thorough consultation.  During that consultation we will talk with you about your natural hair and customize hair extensions to match so they are undetectable to others.  We match up your hair color, texture, density, curl and length to find the perfect solution that will add volume and length where you want it!     

Hair Extensions at GJ Capelli

At both our Bonita Springs and Fort Myers location, we use the I-Link method for integrating hair extensions in with our client’s natural hair.  This method provides the most natural appearance because it uses a transparent Keratin Bond to attach the hair extensions to the client’s natural hair.

Our clients prefer the I-Link method because it provides:

  • A natural appearance
  • The ability to quickly and easily apply and remove hair extensions
  • Low maintenance while in-use
  • Ongoing use for up to 2 months
  • Less strain on the client’s natural hair

This is the quickest and easiest method of applying hair extensions in existence and we are proud to offer it at both GJ Capelli locations in Bonita Springs and Fort Myers.


Choosing the Right Hair Extension Studio

There are many salons that offer hair extensions.  However, hair extensions may not be the right choice for some clients.  If your hair is already weak, breaking or damaged, hair extensions could cause additional damage.  Because of this, when you are selecting a studio to go to for hair extensions, you need to be sure they are experienced professionals.  GJ Capelli has been doing hair extensions for X years.  We are experienced in best practices and care enough about our clients to tell them when hair extensions are not the right option.