Have you ever wondered how hair replacement works?  The concept of non-surgical hair replacement is typically foreign to most people.  When the average consumer thinks of hair replacement, they think of surgical hair transplants.

For years, getting surgical hair transplants was common practice.  Men experiencing male pattern baldness saw it as their only option to regaining a full head of hair.  So, they’d find a doctor and go through the process despite the costs and recovery time associated with the procedure.

To be honest, years ago, surgical hair transplants probably WERE the better option as they looked more natural!  Non-surgical hair replacement didn’t always look as good as it does today.  Older style hair pieces and toupees looked unnatural and were easily detectable.  We’ve all heard people say things like “he’s wearing a rug” referring to a bad hair piece and as a result, non-surgical hair replacement had a negative stigma surrounding it for years.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is Virtually Unnoticeable

Fast forward to today, and the popularity of non-surgical hair replacement is growing.  Why?  Simple.  Non-surgical hair replacement technology has advanced.  The quality of non-surgical hair replacement systems has greatly improved since the days of the toupee!    Now more than ever before it is virtually impossible to detect when someone is using a non-surgical hair replacement solution if it is done professionally and maintained properly.

There are no such thing as toupees in today’s non-surgical hair replacement industry! Now there are highly customized, high quality hair systems.  These systems integrate with a client’s natural hair to create a seamless full head of hair for someone experiencing hair loss.  Today both men and women can enjoy feeling confident with a full head of hair thanks to a hair system.

Let us show you non-surgical hair replacement works

Despite its advances, non-surgical hair replacement is still a foreign concept to many people.  Most new clients we see don’t realize how quick, easy and painless getting a full head of hair again can actually be if you chose a non-surgical hair replacement system.  Our colleagues at Transitions International put together this detailed video that shows the step by step process required to get started with a non-surgical hair replacement option. It ends with an amazing transformation that shows just how great a non-surgical option can really be.

So, if you are experiencing hair loss and wondering; how does replacement work? This video is for you! Click here to watch, then contact us with questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation.  GJ Capelli is proud to be a member of the Transitions International Hair Loss Centers.