Hair loss is difficult no matter what the cause. Many people experience hair loss because of a medical condition. Common conditions that cause hair loss include cancer treatments, medication side effects and alopecia universalis.
Losing your hair as a result of a medical issue can add more stress to an already stressful situation. When you should be trying to reover, many people experiencing medically related hair loss are worrying about their appearance. If this is something you or a loved one is experiencing, GJ Capelli has hair loss treatments that can help you feel more confident about your appearance while you’re dealing with your medical situation.

Hair Loss Treatment #1 – Wigs

Wigs are a popular choice for someone experiencing medically related hair loss. They are often lower maintenance and allow the person to take their wig on and off as they are comfortable. We offer both human hair and synthetic wigs. In general, human hair wigs are more customizable. Selecting a human hair wig will allow us to tailor your solution to match the way your hair was before. Synthetic wigs are a great option for someone that is looking for a low maintenance solution.
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Hair Loss Treatment #2 – Hair Systems

For hair loss that is not severe, hair systems are one of our most popular hair loss treatments. Unlike a wig, a hair system doesn’t cover your entire head. They are typically a top of the head solution that integrates with your natural hair to give you a full head of hair again. We often see people that have experienced medically related hair loss from treatments like chemotherapy. After their treatments are complete and their natural hair grows back, some people find it is not the same density as it was before. In a scenario like this, a hair system becomes the perfect solution because we can completely customize a system that gives you a full head of hair again and that is unnoticeable to others.
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Hair Loss Treatment #3 – Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy is not a hair loss treatment that will work in every situation. When it comes to medically related hair loss, laser hair therapy can be helpful in assisting chemotherapy patients by accelerating hair regrowth after treatments. If you are experiencing thinning hair as a result of medications, laser hair therapy may be used to help spark hair regrowth once you come off the medication.

If you or a loved one is experiencing medically related hair loss, come talk with us about the hair loss treatments we can offer you.