When you’re experiencing hair loss, it is important to look at all aspects of your life to determine what may be causing it. As you may know, hair loss can be triggered by many things such as stress, hormone changes, genetics and more. But, did you also know, that it is possible to have hair care products causing hair loss or add to the problem if you’re already experiencing hair loss for other reasons?

The Importance of Buying the Right Products

There are MANY hair care products on the market these days. Some are specially formulated to address concerns such as frizz. When companies add ingredients to de-frizz, improve shine and even smooth hair, they are often adding materials that can also cause build up. Some of the materials that address these issues can be difficult to rinse off. Over time, if a buildup of these materials occur, it can dull your hair and clog your hair follicles. Clogged hair follicles can block new growth and ultimately cause hair loss.

What Products Are Best for Someone Experiencing Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss and are concerned that your hair care products are playing a role in the problem, consult a hair loss professional. A hair loss professional will be able to evaluate your scalp and tell you if buildup is a problem. If buildup is a problem, a hair loss professional may have an in-studio treatment that help lessen and/or remove the buildup so you can start the process of rejuvenating your hair.
In general, you should consider discontinuing the use of products that claim to de-frizz, smooth or shine hair. Also, many people think that using a clarifying shampoo is the best way to remove build up. While it can help, it can also further damage compromised hair by drying it out. Dry hair can often look and feel frail or brittle. What happens when you have hair brittle, dry hair? You reach for products to smooth it and improve the shine and the cycle of using the wrong hair care products continues! Instead, switch to a gentle, sulfate free shampoo. Using a product like this over time should help remove some of the buildup and start to restore your hair.

Are your hair care products causing hair loss?

Because there are so many options in the store, feel free to come by our studio with questions. We have a number of products in stock that can help. We carry Transitions exclusive line of hair care products that are specifically designed to help with hair loss, as well as Moroccan and Scwartzkopf lines.  Plus, we are licensed cosmetologists that know a thing or two about hair. We are happy to provide the personalized advice you won’t get at a store!