Are you tired of lifeless hair? Or short hair that won’t grow? Hair extensions are the solution!
We have many clients that come to us for hair extensions in Bonita Springs, Florida just because they look great and are on trend. At the same time, we have other clients that use hair extensions as a means of enhancing their natural hair by adding volume, length and style. Whatever your reason is for wanting hair extensions, here are 4 tips on making hair extensions work for you.Hair extensions in Bonita Springs, Florida web

  1. Contact a professional hair extension specialist

    There are a lot of people doing hair extensions these days. Be careful. Not all are trained on how to properly install hair extensions, help you maintain them and remove them so your natural hair does not become damaged. The team at GJ Capelli has been working with hair extensions for years! We constantly attend training to stay up to date on the latest products and techniques. We suggest you “interview” several hair extension specialists before making a decision or just come see us!

  2. Select high quality hair extensions

    Hair extensions are now available for women of different ethnicities and with different hair types! However, when selecting your hair extensions, if you want them to look natural, we recommend you purchase 100% human hair extensions. There are some great synthetic options on the market but at the end of the day if you truly want natural looking hair extensions the best option is 100% human hair.

  3. Understand your options

    When it comes to hair extensions, there are many methods for attaching them. Some common attachment methods include clips, fusions and links. At GJ Capelli we use a system called I-Links for our hair extensions which allows us to attach hair extensions to the client’s natural hair using a bead. With this method there is no glue or heat which can prevent unnecessary damage to the client’s natural hair.

  4. Listen to your hair extension expert

    Once you’ve done your homework and found the right hair extension expert, listen to their advice! Depending on the method of attachment you chose there will be different things needed to prepare your hair and different things you’ll need to do to care for your hair extensions once they are in. If you don’t listen to what your hair extension expert suggests your extensions may come out early or the quality of the hair itself may decline over time.

For a free consultation contact the experts at GJ Capelli for hair extensions in Bonita Springs, Florida! We’ll help you find the perfect extensions that give you the look you’ve been wanting.