Are you noticing your hair starting to thin?  Hair loss is a very common problem among both men and women.  There are many reasons men and women experience hair loss.  Regardless of the cause, if you are struggling with it, you probably know how debilitating it can be to not feel good about what you see when you look in the mirror AND not know how to prevent hair loss from progressing.

Topical Hair Loss Solutions

If you’ve found yourself in this situation and want to do something to prevent hair loss from continuing chances are you’ve tried every lotion, potion and supplement on the market.  When it comes to lotions, shampoos and other topical solutions, the truth is, results will vary from person to person.  Also, your results will largely depend on how progressed your hair loss is.  Topical solutions are most effective on individuals in the early stages of hair loss.

Eating the Right Foods Can Help Prevent Hair Loss

Another option to consider when looking for a hair loss treatment is food, yes, food!  There are many foods that contain nutrients that can improve the appearance and quality of a person’s hair.  Eating these foods in conjunction with the right supplements may help prevent hair loss from progressing.  According to, here are 17 foods that may help you prevent hair loss.  They are:

  1. Spinach
  2. Greek Yogurt
  3. Salmon
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Guava
  7. Eggs
  8. Lentils
  9. Oysters
  10. Liver
  11. Lean Poultry
  12. Barley
  13. Nuts and Seeds
  14. Bok Choy
  15. Sweet Potatoes
  16. Halibut
  17. Shitake Mushrooms

Many of these foods contain nutrients like iron, Vitamins B, C and D, as well as Zinc, which are all known to help improve and prevent hair loss.  Most of these foods are a part of a normal balanced diet, but if you aren’t eating a balanced diet, these key nutrients could be missing from the foods you are eating.  To learn more about how these foods may be able to help you prevent hair loss, read the full article from Eat This, Not That, here.

If you have tried topical solutions and the proper diet but still cannot prevent hair loss from progressing, contact the hair loss experts at GJ Capelli.  We can help you find a hair loss solution that helps you regain your confidence so you enjoy looking in the mirror again!